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JANUARY 2021 UPDATE: Our staff is closely monitoring the COVID-19 guidelines and general safety of our school environment on a day-by-day basis and we will continue to update this page regularly. Below is an in depth summary of the ways we operated during July & Aug 2020 and we are fully prepared to repeat this safety process if restrictions are not lifted by July 5, 2021. If restrictions are lifted, it will be noted below. 

Below are the ways we plan to keep Real School faculty and students safe, as well as the steps we’ll take as an organization if and when issues related to COVID-19 arise in our facility or community. Please take a few moments to read and understand the physical changes to our campus and the policy changes to our usual routine. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these safety measures, while providing you and your children with the RealJams summer music experience you've come to know and love. 


We have lowered our campus capacity by scheduling only necessary staff members and adjusting our summer music program schedule, as well as the daily schedule throughout our business hours. From the hours of 9AM-4PM, summer programs will be prioritized, and after 4PM, on campus lessons may continue when it is safe to do so per state and federal instruction. We will not allow walk-ins or tours of our facilities during summer program hours. 


We guarantee that all faculty members will NOT enter campus if they have expressed experiencing any symptoms or direct exposure to COVID-19. For the safety of our faculty and community members, we ask that all attending students follow this wellness check process as well. Additionally, at the beginning of each day, faculty and attending students will have their temperature taken with a forehead reading device. Those with a temperature reading above 100* will NOT be permitted onto campus. 


When dropping off/picking up students on campus, please do not enter the building unless absolutely necessary (ex: escorting younger children, emergencies, etc). Parents may accompany their children while waiting in our socially-distanced line for temperature readings. If your child is comfortable waiting alone, they are welcome to do so. Please remain in the parking lot until your child is cleared to attend RealJams for the day. 


Hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout campus for faculty and students to use at any time. Note that we have dedicated a faculty member to ensure the stations are filled at all times and working properly. Additionally, each bathroom is available for hand washing and will be stocked with soap and single use paper towels. We encourage hand washing/sanitizing as often as you feel necessary while in our building. Please feel free to bring your own sanitizing products for personal use but do not share with others. 


We have adjusted our daily schedule to include a series of staggered breaks. This schedule will ensure no large groups of students are congregating for lunch, snack, or bathroom breaks. Our faculty will be coordinating with each other throughout the day to maintain this schedule. Weather permitting, all breaks will be held outside on campus lawns and tent areas. Students may request to use the bathroom at any time. We will provide a faculty member outside bathroom area to monitor our new one-person policy. 


We ask that all faculty and students inside our buildings use a cloth face mask at all times. When outside the building, please continue to wear your mask if not physically able to socially distance. During lunch/snack breaks, students may remove their mask when distanced from others. We will provide safe, predetermined spaces for students to enjoy their breaks mask-free. They will be asked to wear their masks when returning to activities. 


  • We have placed wall and floor stickers throughout our facility to help guide you through the newly designed one-way traffic patterns throughout the building. 
  • When using our Burlington campus stairwell or our Andover campus entryway stairwell, please follow signage directions to STOP, LOOK, and WAIT if another person is already coming up or down the stairs. 
  • In an effort to discourage congregating by staff and students, all furniture has been removed from our campus common areas. Any remaining seating areas have been arranged to ensure social distancing efforts. 
  • Areas of our campus will be specifically spaced out and designated for RealJams use. All other lesson rooms will be closed to foot traffic. 
  • Each band room and front desk area is equipped with see-through barrier/partitions which comply with COVID-19 state and federal safety regulations.
  • All surfaces and equipment (amps, cables, etc.) will be sanitized before the start of each day and throughout each day.