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Below are the ways we plan to keep The Real School of Music students and faculty safe, as well as the steps we’ll take as an organization if and when issues related to COVID-19 arise in our facility or community (PDF DOWNLOAD). Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the physical changes to our schools and the policy changes to our usual routine. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these safety measures, while providing our community with the music education experience you’ve come to know and love. This is a temporary and necessary shift in protocol that we will continue to evaluate and adjust as needed. 


Students and families are encouraged to choose in-school lessons,  remote video lessons, or a hybrid of both, based on several suggested factors: 1) personal comfort level 2) Instructor availability 3) convenience! Real School is here to discuss the advantages of both lesson types, as well as to review the safety efforts outlined on this page as it pertains to your instrument or activity. Additionally, you are not being asked to make a permanent decision on where/how you'll receive lessons from Real School. These options will remain available if your personal situation should shift.

If you do not see your Instructor on the list below, they are not yet available for in-person lessons. This list will be updated regularly as availability changes. If your Instructor is listed below, they are available for both in-person AND online lessons. Vocal and wind instrument lessons will NOT be available in-person at this time. We will update this list and send an alert to students and families as soon as it is safe to deliver this lesson type. 

Andover In-Person Lessons Burlington In-Person Lessons Derry In-Person Lessons
Michele Cronin (TUES & SAT) PJ Holaday Bill Doss
Alex Stoica Bill Doss Rich Fauteux
Matt Fisher Evan Gianoulis Matt Marzola
Dani Fortner Chris McKenney John Medeiros
Johann Robledo  Don Schulze Aurora Sidor
Liam Bliven (TUES & FRI) Ed Spargo Ed Spargo 
Rick Forzese (THURS) Skuli Thorsteinsson Maddy Roop
  Tim Rowell (WED & SAT)  
  Eric Ostling  


We have reduced our school capacity by scheduling only necessary staff members and will follow a phased return for in-person lessons (see chart above!). 

  • The front desk staff will be available via phone Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM and Sat 9AM-6PM.
  • The school will be open for in-person lessons Mon-Fri 12-9PM and Sat 9AM-6PM.
  • Walk-ins and tours will only occur with a pre-determined appointment, or if the new capacity of the building allows for it. 


We guarantee that all faculty members will NOT enter campus if they have expressed experiencing any symptoms or direct exposure to COVID-19. For the safety of our faculty and community members, we ask that all attending students (or parents entering the building) follow this wellness self-check process as well. All faculty and students will have their temperature taken with a contactless forehead reading device upon entering the building. Those with a temperature reading above 100* will NOT be permitted inside.


Parents are encouraged to wait outside/drop off and return 5 minutes before the end of lessons for pick-up. If parents prefer to accompany their child inside the building, they will be required to follow all of the wellness and safety protocols on this page.  When dropping off/picking up students, we will ask parents to not enter the building unless absolutely necessary (ex: escorting young children, emergencies, medical reasons, etc). If you prefer to remain in the building while your child is in their lesson, you may wait OUTSIDE the lesson room door in a socially distanced chair. 


We require that all students, parents, and faculty wear a face mask at all times inside the school. When outside the school, please continue to wear your mask if not physically able to socially distance. We are in the process of ordering Real School branded masks! Stay tuned for more info on these items.


Each lesson/ensemble room will be provided with a personal HEPA air purifier, a mechanical filter that works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles. Each lesson/ensemble room will also be equipped with a number of see-through barriers/partitions which comply with COVID-19 state and federal safety regulations. After each private lesson or group class, equipment which was shared or commonly touched will be sanitized by the Instructor. To ensure the safety of all, Instructors will end their lessons several minutes early to complete this room sanitation process before the next student arrives. 


Like many retail stores, our front desk station(s) now have see-through barriers between guests and our staff members. Our front desk phones and emails will be staffed Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM and Sat 9AM-6PM. We encourage you to call or email instead of coming to the front desk stations. If you do need to come to the front desk station, we will try to keep all interactions to less than 15 minutes. 


Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the school for students, parents, and faculty to use at any time. Note that we have dedicated a Real School team member to ensure the stations are filled at all times and working properly. Additionally, each bathroom is available for hand washing and will be stocked with antibacterial soap and single use paper towels. We encourage hand washing/sanitizing as often as you feel necessary while in our building. Please feel free to bring your own sanitizing products for personal use but do not share with others. 


  • Please follow the wall and floor stickers/signs throughout our facility to help guide you through the newly designed traffic patterns throughout the building. 
  • When using the stairwells, please follow signage directions to STOP, LOOK, and WAIT if another person is already coming up or down the stairs. 
  • In an effort to discourage congregating, all furniture has been removed from the common areas. Any remaining seating areas have been arranged to ensure social distancing efforts for students and parents. Please do not move this furniture from the designated spots. If something seems out of place, please bring it to the attention of our front desk team. 
  • Many areas of our school will be closed to public use. Please continue to pay close attention to signage on all doors. 
  • All surfaces (door knobs, railings, bathrooms) and equipment (instruments, amps, cables, etc.) will be sanitized before the start of and throughout frequent intervals of each business day.
  • If an issue related to COVID-19 should arise in our facility or community, Real School will follow a series of steps that has been recommended by the CDC as well as multiple state-wide health departments for community-based activities. CLICK HERE to view our customized version of this plan. 


The combination of these safety guidelines and your effort in following them will keep Real School a safe place to learn and enjoy music during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to monitor and implement any state-wide protocols or health measures recommended by the CDC. If you see anything missing from this list, or wish to discuss anything in more detail, we encourage you to call or email our team at frontdesk@therealschoolofmusic.com or 888.881.7325.