The Yamaha Music Education System (YMES) is a comprehensive group music program for ages 3-7. We engage the WHOLE child during the course of our lessons through activities such as singing, playing the keyboard, ear training, reading, moving to music, and more. When teaching a new keyboard piece, we typically follow the same model: listen, sing solfege, play, read. In this way, we are teaching from the inside out!


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Fall 2015 Classes:
Music Wonderland 1 (NEW students age 3 - 3.5)
Music Wonderland 2
Junior Music Course 1 (NEW students age 4-5)
Junior Music Course 3
Junior Music Course 4
Junior Extension Course 1
Young Musicians Course 1 (NEW students age 6-7)
Young Musicians Course 3 

Please call us at (978) 475.1223 for more information, or fill out this form to submit a question to Yamaha Music Director, Heather Luhn. 

Meet Yamaha Teachers Everly McCormack and Abigail Lee!


Everly McCormack
Beginning her piano teaching career in 2007, Everly has always approached teaching with positivity, creativity, and flexibility. She enjoys teaching students of all ages, learning styles, and loves discovering innovative ways of demonstrating musical concepts to her students. Her varied teaching methods are adaptable to the needs of each individual student, and she has a passion for teaching students with special needs. 

Abigail Lee
Hailing from Marlboro, NJ, Abigail "Abi" began studying piano and voice at the  age of 4. Abi has been a song leader, teaching music to children of all ages using her gifts of voice, piano, guitar, and songwriting. Abi has explored many interests, including pedagogy, performance, jazz improvisation, world music, chamber music, songwriting, accompanying, and oratorio. Although classically trained, Abi is an aspiring songwriter, singing and playing indie rock music with friends in her spare time.