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With FIVE different program offerings this summer, RealJams Academy has the right program for you! And RealJams is available in both our Andover & Burlington locations! Scroll down or click on the links below to learn more about each progam.


  1. RealJams Core Andover & Burlington

  2. Digital Recording Burlington

  3. A Cappella Burlington

  4. Music and Theater Andover & Burlington 

  5. RealJams Advanced Burlington

All RealJams Academy Options meet Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm for ages 10 to18.





Option 1: RealJams Academy Core Program

(offered in Andover and Burlington)


2015 Summer Session Schedule:

  • Session 1 (July 6 -10)

  • Session 2 (July 13 -17)

  • Session 3 (July 20 - 24)

  • Session 4 (July 27 - 31)

  • Session 5 (August 3 - 7)

  • Session 6 (August 10 - 14)


The Original RealJams Academy!
This one-of-a-kind opportunity gives you total access to our recording studio, lesson rooms, practice space, performance hall--every inch of our unique music school--under the expert guidance of Real School instructors. You'll take music lessons, form a band, write your own songs, make a music video and more! And to cap it all off, you'll step on the Real Room stage to perform your music - live! - in front of family, friends and all of your screaming fans.


  • Join your own band

  • Write and record original music

  • Shoot a music video

  • Perform a live show

  • Learn from industry experts

  • Attend clinics led by pros




Option 2: Digital Recording

 (offered in Burlington)


  • Session 1 (July 6 -10)

  • Session 2 (July 13 -17)

  • Session 3 (July 20 - 24)

  • Session 4 (July 27 - 31)

  • Session 5 (August 3 - 7)

  • Session 6 (August 10 - 14)


Interested in digital recording and audio production? Our Digital Recording program is for you!

  • Learn how to record and mix audio

  • Learn how to apply MIDI and loops to your music

  • Learn the bascis of "Reaper"- a powerful recording and sequencing software

  • Sit in on recording sessions with instrumentalists and vocalists

  • Write, record, and mix your own song to be played at the final showcase!


Option 3: RealJams A Cappella

(offered in Burlington)


  • April school vacation 2 Day Programs (Apr 20 - 21 and Apr 23-24)
  • Session 5 (August 3 - 7)
  • Session 6 (August 10 - 14) 


students age 13 -18 are accepted by invite or audition only

contact Tim Bongiovanni about auditioning @


From April 20 to April 24 singers will experience their voices in a whole new way. We will be singing, arranging, recording, and beatboxing our way through this amazing week of intensive a cappella immersion.

  • Join an A Cappella group

  • Learn original arrangements written by professionals

  • Write their own A Cappella arrangements

  • Record their own arrangements

  • Shoot a music video

  • Play a live show



Option 4: RealJams Music and Theater 

 (offered in Andover)


The Music and Theater Program at Real Jams Academy is a one-week intensive program that challenges students to utilize teamwork and leadership skills towards creating a  brand new work of Musical Theater. Students will learn an expanded set of musical, theatrical and creative skills while developing a greater understanding and appreciation for songwriting, character building and the art of storytelling.


  • Sing! Act! Choreograph!

  • Compose and Perform Original Music & Scripts

  • Create Your Own Character

  • Collaborate on an Original Cast Recording

  • Learn True Musical Theater Voice Technique

  • Stage Combat, Set Building, Improvisation & More!


Option 5: RealJams Advanced Program

(offered in Burlington)


Our RealJams Advanced Core program has been designed to give each student the necessary tools and skills to succeed within a band setting as well as an individual musician. Students will record a 3 song EP, tour Berklee College of Music and the Zildjian factory and perform at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. This a two week program that is scheduled from July 6 to July 18. *students are accepted by invite or audition only - contact Bill Doss about auditioning @


  • Play in a band

  • Record three original songs at Q-Division Studios

  • Attend instrumental labs

  • Attend seminars

  • Tour the Zildjian Factory

  • Tour Berklee College Of Music

  • Shoot a music video

  • Perform at The Hard Rock Café!

  • Design and create a website for your band